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Hi piercingopinion denizens! I'm new to the community so Salutations!

 I have had my septum pierced since 2010 and although it is fun and my friends say that it suits me, I kinda feel like it makes my long nose look even longer. Over time I have put smaller and smaller jewelry in it, in hopes of diminishing this effect, yet to no avail. I am debating taking it out and getting my cheekbone microdermals re-pierced instead.

What is your opinion?

I tried to do a blank expression. no makeup, hair out of my face etc. for these, pardon the derp. (also note my jaw is a tiny bit swollen from having wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago.... hooray for body mods lol)
This first one is without the ring
Photo on 2012-08-11 at 15.19

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Rejecting navel piercing? Or is this normal?

I've had my navel pierced for about 8 months now, and I'm a little worried it's migrating/rejecting. There's been redness around it since maybe a week after I first got it, and sometimes some white or clear crusties which I know are supposed to be normal. Another concern of mine is that it's not deep enough? I'm not sure if it's normal, but it looks pretty shallow, but that could just be because I'm small. It was pierced with PTFE and I've never taken it out, I've only changed one of the balls at one point, but that caused no stress or irritation to the piercing. Also, I was wondering if this was because the bar I have is so long? Should I cut it down shorter so it fits better, and will that help the redness in any way? Here's some pictures: (please note I'm very pale so the redness stands out on me more, so it's not as red as it looks in the pic, just the contrast of my camera :S, but it is still quite red)

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Yay or nay?

In the next week or so I'm planning on bringing back my double nostrils, but before then I've been leaning toward getting my bridge pierced. Think it would look too crowded? Would a bridge look okay on me? I ordered two little spikey nostril screws, and will be wearing those most of the time.

Any other suggestions, just for the hell of it? I can say that I am NOT getting my septum done again. I had it for nearly two decades, and it's time for something different. Same goes with getting a labret.

I went and did it anyway. I know, I know. I'm a naughty person/bad listener. But hey. I adore my bridge and I guess that's all that matters. Pics under the cut. I did at least consider a medusa as was suggested to me. It just didn't seem right. It's a little puffy, but otherwise doing well.

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i need an idea. i was thinking a lip piercing, but would like more opinions. what piercing would look best? anything, pretty much. i already have 7/16" stretched lobes, and 2nd's and one third on my left ear. i can post more pictures if necessary. =)

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Lydia loves LJ.

how badly is this infected?

ive had it sincei was 18, and now im 26.
its just now getting super super painful, no bubbles yet forming.
like when i bend over or move the barbell, it HURTS. i mean hot damn, really hurts bad.

i took it out to clean it, is it the pink/different material barbell ive been using?
[ive also been using that for over a couple months now]

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no im not preggers lol, i had just eaten.
sorry for the ring around the initial area, its from the seasalt soak with a shot glass.

i should keep cleaning it right?
with warm seasalt, should i leave the piercing in while?
thanks yall
just trying to figure out whats causing this sudden infection.
wrong soap too maybe?