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What should I get pierced?

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What Should I Get Pierced?
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For all the people who can't decide what to get pierced, this community is for you! Please feel free to ask questions, post pictures, and comment on other member's questions. Now, we must have some rules:

1. Please attempt to be civil. If you do not like their mannerisms, appearance or anything of the like, please keep it to yourself. We don't expect you to be all sunshine and rainbows about everything, but don't be a douchebag, either. For posters: do keep in mind that you ARE asking for public opinions, though, so people WILL give theirs. If you have an issue with the way someone is behaving, please let a moderator know and/or ignore the person.

2. Please post CLEAR photos of yourself where your features are visible, to make it easier for community members to give accurate opinions. If you need to know how to add pictures to your post, go here.

3. For pictures of a very large size or more than one picture, please use an lj-cut. The first picture does not need to be behind a cut, as long as it is an appropriate size (480x360).

4. You may post as many pictures as you like, as long as they are on topic. Photos may not contain nudity/obscenities and must be on topic, i.e. no pictures of your cool new car. Try to avoid pictures where there are people other than you in the picture.

5. There is no need for writing like poetry (hitting enter/return after every line). In, fact, it's very annoying. So is altering your font style/size/color. Please leave that in your own journal :)

6. Irrelevant posts (e.g. ads for other communities, spam, off-topic posts), will be deleted on sight and marked as spam accordingly, so please don't waste your time or ours.

7. Do not screen or delete comments. If you delete content, it may contain information that is relevant to the interests and/or education of others and they will miss out on it (even if you think it's irrelevant), which defeats the purpose of requesting information in the first place. In regard to screening comments, if you're asking for public opinion then you should be prepared to receive those opinions in a public setting.

8. This is not meant to be an educational community. If you need any kind of information on piercings, jewelry, aftercare, or similar subjects beyond which may look good on you, please go to either bodymods or stretched. Both of these communities have a wealth of information that can be found by searching through their tagged entries. Please inquire in one or both of those communities regarding the health & aftercare of your piercing, any procedural questions, recommendations for reputable piercers in your area, or questions about piercing studio etiquette. Thank you.

Thanks and have fun! :D

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